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IctReport Control Panel
Development of the IXI-Plugin Report.ixi together with Anton Wiklund for the project Iota Controlled Agent (Ict) of the IOTA-Foundation with the aim to report node information to external services via REST and GraphQL API. In addition, we’ve created the IctReport website to monitor the network infrastructure and identify connection issues.

Smart eBike
Development of a PoC for the integration of sensors and a bicycle lock with bluetooth connectivity. For this a firmware for MCUs (STM32, ESP32) has been developed. The data is transferred securely via Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM). 
This project is a subproject in the field of logistics with the integration of Artificial Intelligence and the IOTA Industry Marketplace.

IOTA Vending Machine
…sell your product with IOTA and send the machine data to the Tangle.

Development and provision of a vending machine for the sale of various goods and easy payment with the crypto currency IOTA. For this prototype, we developed the software for a vending machine and a mobile app for configuration and control functions. The data is transmitted securely and in real time via Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM).

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